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"I love being painted"

I love that body painting is temporary art. The inevitable short-run of the art on the canvas creates a robust connective energy that sparks all the participants of the body painting experience. Total strangers will meet each other and immediately dive into the artwork at hand with commitment and team spirit. It's remarkable.

tree body painting, tree body paintMy name is Adelle (or Body Paint Girl) and I love being a canvas. Body paint modeling is one of my favorite art forms. Body paint has been transformational in my life and has connected me to many inspiring people and experiences. Always a natural performer who loves people, I thrive on engaging a group with my energy. Bringing body painting to performance art is really fun because it is another step up in dazzling an audience. I combine body painting with elegant hula hoop dancing to create a truly unique show. I love performing with my hula hoop while painted.

I declared myself Body Paint Girl in 2009 after discovering how much I love being painted. I'd moved to Maui in the spring of 2007 and connected with Rachel DeBoer, a Maui body painter who helped me recall childhood memories of joyful face painting. So began my love affair with body paint.

When I returned to live in Oregon, I set my intention to find an Oregon body painter and I met and began modeling for Jeff Egli. Jeff is a southern Oregon body painter who has an expert command of his airbrush and creates stunning body painting with it. I continue networking and building relationships with body painters in the northwest with a goal to create a strong, productive body painting community on the west coast.

I organize body painting events, providing models, body painters and photographers to create an amazing bodypaint performance at your venue or event. If you want to learn more about using body painting for promotions, or you're ready to book "body paint girls" for your next event, shoot me an email.

Let's make art together. I am professional who loves contributing to awesome events and photo shoots. I donate a lot oenergy to ensure my body paint events are high vibration, inspiring and crowd-pleasing performances with the best body paint models. Contact me to discuss body paint opportunities in Portland Oregon or other areas.


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