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Modeling & Performance Testimonials

You are a joy to work with, extremely professional, fun to be around and an amazingly cool person. —Magnus Johannesson

I worked with Adelle at the 2011 North American Body Painting Championships, where she was my model. Adelle works really hard and tries her absolute best, no matter the circumstances. She was fantastic to paint, and really helped to make the project a success! Thank you so much! A+

—Natasha Kudashkina, body painter & artist -

Adelle has been my main full body paint model for over a year now in Maui, Hawaii. She is an extremely talented, vivacious, creative and very easy to work with young woman who has much to give to this art form of body painting.

Without the body we can have no body painting. A model should not just pose with paint on she should be transformed by the paint. The model must embody the essence of what the body painter is trying to accomplish, whether it is to create a character or an abstract idea. A good model gives half of herself to the artistic collaboration and the body painter gives the other half. An extraordinary model goes above and beyond and gives 100% of herself to help the body painter create a masterpiece.

Adelle is an extraordinary model and human being to work with. She is one of my muses and any body painter is very lucky to work with her, for he or she will surely achieve a masterpiece with Adelle as a model.

—Rachel DeBoer, Maui body painter & professional makeup artist

She's a natural, comfortable in her skin model who works very hard for an image. She takes direction very well and it is a pleasure to work with her.

—Michael Ryals, Maui photographer and multimedia artist

She is very positive, open-minded and enjoyable to work with. I recommend her highly as a creative person with good ideas. Collaborate with her and your projects will benefit enormously."

—J. Fort, Portland photographer

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