Body Paint Girl®
Body Paint Performer + Body Painting Artist

My Mission is to Make Art & Support Artists.

My body is a canvas. I bring characters from imagination to life to delight & inspire audiences.


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Are you a body painting artist?
Fly to Maui and use its inspiring tropical setting as the background for incredible, unique body paint photo shoots and videos.

rainbow eucalyptus bodypainting by melissa bruck

Body Painter & Concept: Melissa Bruck
Photography by: Nat Stillmaker
Model: Body Paint Girl

Body Paint Girl Brings


Bodypaint performance is my passion! My lively and exciting energy adds something extra special to events and projects.


Performing in body paint since 2008, Body Paint Girl is a seasoned and professional body painting canvas & consultant.

Edgy Art

Consider me daring and innovative! When I perform, I channel my role and naturally mesmerize and inspire audiences.


I give others knowledge and share the benefits of body painting. I support a global bodypaint ohana (family).

What People Say

You are a joy to work with, extremely professional, fun to be around and an amazingly cool person.

Magnus Johannesson

Adelle works really hard and tries her absolute best, no matter the circumstances. She was fantastic to paint, and really helped to make the project a success! Thank you so much! A+

Natasha KudashkinaBody Painter & ArtistNatasha Design

She’s a natural, comfortable in her skin model who works very hard for an image. She takes direction very well and it is a pleasure to work with her.

Michael RyalsPhotographer & Multimedia Artist

What Excites Me

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