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US Body Painting Championships 2014

I am so excited!! I will be attending and participating in the *new* North American Body Painting Championships this year and reuniting with many of my favorite professional body painting artists from around the world.

Body Art Ball

For the second year, I am invited to be the ringleader of the Body Art Ball in Atlanta, Georgia! This year’s event will be held on Friday, October 3.

Here are photos from the 2013 Body Art Ball.
All rights reserved, these images belong to the organization and its photographers.

Here’s a video trailer from 2013:

The Body Art Ball 2013 from Cinebot Video on Vimeo.

UV Blacklight Show

Thursday, October 2, The Flouro Show at Living Art America will be a 3D ultraviolet body painting experience! Featuring the work of my friend, and amazing artist, Wolf Reicherter, and a team of internationally recognized body painting artists. This show will feature multimedia, music, and brilliant choreography embodied by special guest artists.